National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan

Sponsorship Form

​~ Use this form to solicit money from                      businesses, family or friends

~ If necessary obtain ad for year-end program

~ Return to Sponsor Director or Member

2021-2022 Liability Waiver Form

​~ One per season

​​​​2021-2022 Top Hand Team Application

~ Deadline July 30, 2021

~ Return to national office

~ Must place during the 2020-2021                season 1st place 5 times in one event

~ Renew membership

2021 Tyler Arena Waiver
~ Must submit yearly to rodeo secretary

~ Anyone that will be horseback on the grounds of Tyler Arena

2021-2022 Michigan New Member Form

~ Complete Form
​~ Bring to rodeo

2021-2022 National Member Application

​~ Complete Application (on-line if possible it is the easiest method, go to then membership then application)

~ Make sure it is notarized (not required if completed on-line)

~ Copy of birth certificate, if new member

~ $80

​~ Send to national office or bring to rodeo

​​​​Contestant Release Form

If contestant comes without parent(s) or guardian(s)

~ Complete before rodeo

~ Bring to rodeo