As a NLBRA of Michigan member, everyone must adhere to the Michigan By-Laws and meet the membership fees as outlined.

Adhering to these guidelines will keep members in good standing and loss of points will not occur.

To meet the financial requirements, one can participate in fundraisers and/or raffle ticket sales that we have throughout the year.

In addition, sponsorship forms are available to solicit money or items from businesses, family, and/or friends.

This money is used for year-end awards or if need be to help fund rodeos throughout the season.

Year-end awards are handed out at a banquet or a determined rodeo.

National members earn points from each rodeo that count towards their national ranking.

Kids can qualify to go to the NLBRA Finals Rodeo at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma held in July.

To qualify for national finals, you must place in the top 7 at 6 rodeos per event for 2024 nationals.  

Points also accumulate for NLBRA of Michigan year-end awards if the contestant is in good standing.

 Eligibility for year-end awards is based on points from the 12 best rodeos per event plus points from the year-end rodeo which are counted as 1.5 points.

Each day is considered a rodeo unless it is a double header then it would be 2 rodeos.

Also, participation in the year-end rodeo or payment of entries for the year-end rodeo.

You can compete in rodeos as a non-member.

Non-members will pay a national non-member fee and a Michigan non-member fee to participate (first weekend the Michigan non-member fee is waived).  Points will not be applied for Michigan year-end awards or towards national ranking if a non-member. 

Some people choose to pay the non-member rates to make sure their kids will enjoy rodeo life.   

Michigan Non-member fees may be applied to member fees if you decided to join later in that same season.


​$100 off Michigan Membership per family if joining after our last fall rodeo.

New members joining after last fall rodeo will have 50% of membership fees due at their first rodeo weekend and 50% due at their second rodeo weekend.

IE:   1 Member = $100 total ($50, $50)

              2 Members = $300 total ($150, $150)

              3 Members = $325 total ($163, $162)

​Does not apply to Trail Hands.

National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan

Returning members will receive a new back tag, certificate, and a hat pin (if available).  New trail hand members will receive a welcome packet with the aforementioned items in addition to other things.

Michigan Membership

Little Wrangler, Junior, Senior

If a National Non-Member and/or a Michigan Non-Member:

Michigan Non-Member fee:  $25 per rodeo

(waive Michigan non-member fee first weekend)

National Non-Member fee:  $25 per rodeo

(National non-member fee has to be collected)

Trail Hand Contestant Fee:

$25 per season

​​Membership Fees per a season.
Minimum Season Total:
Single = $75
Family (2 or more kids) = 

$75 plus $50 each additional

(IE family of 3 = 75+50+50)

Timeline for amounts due.   
30% due first rodeo (minimum):
Per $75 = $23
Per $50 = $15 
Last fall rodeo, ½ balance if 30% paid:
Per $75 = $26
Per $50 = $18
First spring rodeo, remaining balance:
Per $75 = $26

Per $50 = $17

You can become a member anytime during the rodeo season.

Several membership options are available depending on your desires.  

You can become a national member and Michigan member.  

You can be a non-member in both.  

You can be a national member but forgo being a Michigan member.  

~*~*2023-2024 Season*~*~
July 10, 2023 to June 2, 2024
​​The age requirements for the 2023-2024 season begins ​the first Monday after national finals July 10, 2023 

The national contestant membership is $80.00 per season.  

To become a national member, an application must be submitted to the national office either by on-line or mail.  The application must be notarized (if not done on-line), include a copy of your birth certificate (if new), plus $80. Application is found on the national website.  **Easiest method is on-line,**

National membership includes:  back tags, official rule book, and other information. 
One may choose to be a non-member for a fee of $25 per rodeo.

National Membership

Little Wrangler, Junior, Senior

Michigan Membership

Trail Hand

Membership Fees:

(IE FAMILY OF 4, $200+$200+25+25)


Timeline for amounts due.   

30% due first rodeo (minimum)

Per $200 = $60

Per $25 = $7 
Last fall rodeo, ½ balance if 30% paid:
Per $200 = $70

Per $25 = $9
First spring rodeo, remaining balance:
Per $200 = $70
Per $25 = $9