~*~*2017-2018 Season*~*~
July 10, 2017 to July 15, 2018

The 2018-2019 season begins July 16, 2018.

First Monday after national finals through

the last Sunday of national finals.


Hi! My name is RIley Taylor.

I am honored to be able to represent NLBRA of MI as your 2016-2017 Princess.This next season will be my second year as a NLBRA of MI member. I'm excited to say I represent NLBRA of MI.

This is an amazing organization made up of amazing people. We all share an amazing passion of rodeo. I’m ready to take on this next season of rodeos.

I compete in trail course, goat tying, barrel racing, dally ribbon roping, and pole bending and hope to start roping.

~Riley Taylor 

NLBRA of MI has 4 age divisions for kids to rodeo that are 18 years old and younger.  We put on 12 to 18 rodeos per season.  The season starts the first Monday following the end of National Finals week and ends the last Sunday of National Finals.  You can become a member anytime during the rodeo season.  Your division is determined by your age as of the first Monday following National Finals of that year. 

NLBRA of Michigan Queen 

Alexa Ulrich

Hello! My name is Alexa Ulrich.

I am honored to serve you as your 2016-2017 NLBRA of MI Queen.

This season will be my 5th year as a member of NLBRA of MI. During the 2014-2015 season I served as Princess. My current events are Trail Course, Goat Tying, Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Dally Ribbon Roping and Pole Bending.

Outside of rodeo I participate in my school’s color guard team. I am also our 4-H club’s president. I raise beef steers, goats, rabbits and chickens to show in 4-H at my local county fair. My family just started raising miniature cattle last year, and I am excited to help raise mini buckers!

Since I have joined this association I have grown a lot. We all treat each other as family and that is something that I want to help continue. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask! I'll be happy to do the best I can to help you or point out the best person to help you!

~Alexa Ulrich

NLBRA of Michigan is successful due in part to the Board of Directors, the Youth Board, the Event Directors, volunteers of all ages, and the generous sponsors.


Little Britches is one of the oldest continuing junior rodeo associations in the nation.  The National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan

(NLBRA of MI), a franchise of NLBRA in Colorado, was established in 1998 as a 501-C3 non-profit youth rodeo organization.  This association is made up of amazing volunteers who have come together to promote the great sport of youth rodeo.  The purpose of the organization is directed towards building character, self reliance, and good sportsmanship in our youth.  It enables kids to set goals and challenges them to accomplish such goals through discipline, organization, and physical fitness.

​NLBRA of Michigan Little Wrangler Princess
Taylor Pyne

​If you need more information regarding NLBRA of Michigan, please contact any of the board members or send message to


Hi my name is Taylor Jayne Pyne,

I am 6 years old and live in Scotts, MI with my mom, dad and older brother who is in Junior Boys. I am honored to be representing the NLBRA of Michigan as the 2016-2017 Little Wrangler Princess.

Last year I competed in Trail hands and this is my first year competing in the Little Wranglers. I am super excited and have a new horse named Angel who is really fast. My events are barrel racing, pole bending, flag race and goat tail untying. I am also starting to learn to breakaway. I look forward to competing this rodeo season with all my friends.

I love to ride horses and practice every day.  My family and I also travel to IPRA and MSRA rodeos all summer. I even get to run in the performance at some of them. It's so much fun and I enjoy meeting all the kids there and showing them my princess crown and telling them all about the NLBRA of Michigan.          

I am proud to be your Little Wrangler Princess and I look forward to meeting you on the rodeo trail.

Safe Travels and God Bless!

​NLBRA of Michigan Junior Princess
Riley Taylor

National Little Britches Rodeo Association of Michigan